About us

Born from merging the experience of its Swiss and Italian founders, AskAnything has the ambition to become THE “problem solving” partner of your Company, starting from Information and Communication Technology…and beyond.

From over 25 years of experience in the Swiss market as solution provider for system integration, AskAnything inherits all the experience on project-management, analyses and programming service even on old SystemI/iSeries from IBM (former AS400).
To this we add over 20 years of experience developing customized solutions for data management, integration and analysis in many branches: banks, insurance and SMEs.
As we believe a software is not enough to bring innovation or solve issues within your company, our team is mixing competences in communication, usability and process design to design the best success story.
The direct experience in the world of the “start-up” brought in Ask the idea to be always looking for new challenges. Our team is always looking around for valuable partnerships to create a net of knowledge and brig more knowledge and experience to you, in such a fast forward world.

Usability, communication, research and development (R&D) together with modern digital strategies are for us the ultimate ingredients of your success.
Just Ask us… for anything else, ask google ;)

"Don’t loose your time, don’t Ask us a website, we won’t do it."
"We design your communication strategy. Websites are for free!"
"Do you need an App? Fine, sure we can do it, but can you pay the marketing for it to be successful?"